nECG Platform

Nuubo provides a new approach to cardiac remote monitoring, with its e-textile technology BlendFix® sensor electrode technology that is cost-effective, wearable, remote, continuous and non-invasive.  nECG Platfom can be used simultaneously for both individuals and large number of patients.

Download nECG Platform Brochure (200 kB)

Core Technology

The product platform is based on a proprietary biomedical e-textile BlendFix® sensor electrode technology that is easy-to-use (low physician involvement), with minimal impact on patient lifestyle, and capable of being used in real-time and for continuous recording. This provides a new opportunity in the cardiac space: remote ECG monitoring in environments with high levels of physical activity, such as sports.


Nuubo’s innovative wireless cardiac monitoring system is available in single-lead and mutli-lead versions.
Each technology consists of three products: nECG TEXTILE, the electrocardiographic signal is captured by the BlendFix® sensor electrodes and registered by the attachable wireless device, nECG MINDER. This signal will then be processed by the analysis software, nECG SUITE.


The nECG Platform has been tested in different scenarios under various cases of use in order to validate the quality of the product and the capacity it has to record a good quality medical ECG anytime, anywhere. 
Building clinical evidence is a key component of Nuubo’s initiative to improve a patient’s lifestyle with user-friendly wearable wireless solutions.