Nuubo System Overview

Nuubo offers a mid/long-term ECG monitoring system. Simple, complete and efficient. The textile electrode technology developed by Nuubo
greatly simplifies the complicated traditional methods of connecting electrodes, reducing them to the simple act of wearing a vest. The elastic
tissue adapts to the patients’ movements, so they can easily perform all daily physical activities without being limited by cables and without
having to rely on specialized medical staff. These characteristics, together with the context information which refers to the physical activity and
position/posture of the patient, allows the development of a new range of solutions and utilities. As a result, prevention can be improved
through diagnosis and rehabilitation by means of easier and closer monitoring.

  • Garment with integrated textile ECG electrodes
  • Hardware to register up to 30 days of ECG and Acc data
Nuubo Leonardo
  • Software for arrhythmia detection and reporting

Nuubo Report

Nuubo provides a single report for the 30 days monitoring. The report includes:

- The patient details and test results are included in the first page
- The second section presents the patient symptoms.
- The third section shows the arrhythmia events divided in categories: Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Bradycardia and others.
- The forth section includes the test trends and other ECG strips like maximum heart rate.