Nuubo patient monitoring is a simple and convenient experience, guaranteeing a high level of compliance
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Health Professionals
Nuubo provides a new perspective on remote and wireless cardiological monitoring. It is indicated for the medium and long-term monitoring. Offering high predictability and flexibility.
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Nuubo is a non-invasive, disruptive ambulatory electrocardiogram (aECG) with wireless, textile-based wearable technology that enables mid and long-term monitoring
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Nuubo Technology Overview

The Nuubo textile electrode has been designed to obtain the best ECG signal quality while achieving best-in-class patient comfort

Silver textile-electrode composite + ECG cream
  • Avoid skin allergies
  • Optimal electrode performance quality
Flexible and stretchable conductive tracks
  • Patient comfort during daily activities
  • Electrode location flexibility
Seamless fabrics with two elastic axes
  • High-quality and comfortable fabric without adhesives