Scientific Evidence

Nuubo considers that cutting edge technology can only be considered as such if it also works in real life, with real patients living a normal life. That is why Nuubo is strongly focused on clinical research.
Apart from the completed and published studies, Nuubo currently has approximately 3500 patients enrolled in ongoing clinical trials, validating the Nuubo technology for real clinical use. Nuubo is conducting studies in the following areas:

- Technology validation
- Risk stratification
- Auricular Fibrillation
- QT analysis
- Cardiac Rehabilitation

The main focus of Nuubo research is Atrial Fibrillation: currently more than 2200 patients are being included in research in three areas of atrial fibrillation: After suffering an ictus of unknown origin, after undergoing pulmonary vein ablation and for screening of patients with risk of AF.

Technology validation

Arrhytmia risk stratification

AF detection after stroke of unknown origin

AF following ablation

Sports arrhythmias

Wearcare – cardiac rehabilitation