What Is Nuubo?

Nuubo is a cardiac monitoring system for your heart electrocardiogram. Nuubo System can be used up to 30 days.

Nuubo is indicated for the detection and diagnosis of irregular heart rhythms and has been prescribed for hundreds of patients. Your doctor has recommended the use of Nuubo because he suspects you might have a possible irregular heart rhythm and wants to diagnose it by monitoring you for a while. The clinical guidelines establish (2.017 ISHNE-HRS expert consensus on aECG and external cardiac monitoring/telemetry) that it is convenient to monitor for a period of 7 days to 1 month. With Nuubo, this experience will be simple and comfortable.

Until you are diagnosed with an arrhythmia, you may be at risk for future symptoms. Using Nuubo will help your doctor diagnose potential heart rhythm problems even when you are not in a clinic or hospital, while you perform your normal daily activities. By continually monitoring your heart rate, doctors are more likely to discover if an arrhythmia is causing your symptoms.

Your doctor may have recommended the use of Nuubo to monitor the behavior of your known arrhythmia, the use of a drug, or the result of a therapeutic treatment.


Monitoring with Nuubo is a simple experience for patients. No cables, no adhesives or heavy devices: the patient can lead a normal life; which assures the success of the electrocardiogram monitoring in the medium and long term